Stage Three

Stage 3:

The Shred Stage

Goal: In this stage you are going to get shredded by burning of all excess body fat.

Duration: Two Months

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Stage Three: Weight Training Guide

In The Shred Stage you are going to complete your body’s transformation by creating the “Shrink Wrap Effect”. The Shrink Wrap Effect is a technique to maximize definition and muscle tone. Central in this stage is burning off excess body fat. This is the stage in which your going to see the most noticeable improvement in your physique. Our training/ diet combination in this stage will really define your hard earned muscles!

Stage Three: Cardio Guide

In Stage Three you will do HIIT training in the morning three times a week. HIIT will increase your body’s metabolism for the rest of the day. An increased metabolism helps your body burn fate throughout the day, a great benefit when you’re looking to get shred, since you’ll lose the most fat in the shortest amount of time possible.

Stage Three: Diet Guide

The third stage’s diet is the most strict of all the stages. Stage Three’s diet is focusses on a fat loss method commonly known in the fitness world as ‘carb cycling’. Carb cycling is a technique where you rotate between high and low carb days. This method keeps your body guessing and as a result your metabolism increases while at the same time your body will no longer rely on carbs as an energy source and instead it will use body fat.

Stage Three: Supplement Guide

The supplements for phase three of the program need to accomplish a few things: 1) help preserve muscle while dieting, 2) increase fat loss, 3) increase energy levels while carbohydrate consumption is low.