Stage One

Stage 1:

The Foundation Stage

Goal: In this stage you are going to build the foundation of a fitness model physique, a solid amount of strength and muscle. If you’ve been working out frequently for over at least a month and find that you have a decent amount of muscle mass you can skip The Foundation StageMove on to → Stage Two: The Gains Stage

Duration: One Month

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Stage 1: Weight Training Guide

In this stage you’re going to do a basic upper and lower body workout. You’ll lift weights four days a week, never training the same group of muscles once every 2 days. This allows your muscles to fully recover before the next workout. It’s important to know that you’ll gain mass recovering from workouts, not while working out.

Stage 1: Cardio Guide

Cardio for the foundation stage is quite easy and is broken down intro two parts: training day cardio and off-day cardio. The training day cardio must be done one the same day as the weight training and exists out of 15-30 minutes medium intensity cardio prior to lifting. On your off-days you need to do a 30 minute medium intensity cardio session.

Stage 1: Diet Guide

Did you ever hear the saying: “Abs are made in the kitchen”? This is totally legit. The Diet and Supplementation guides of the Male Model Workout Program are the most important part of the program. Even if your lifting exercises are executed flawlessly, there’s only so much progress you can achieve if you don’t feed your muscles the right nutrients.

Stage 1: Supplement Guide

Using supplements during the Male Model Workout Program will greatly increase your results and help you achieve the perfect male model body.