Stage One: Cardio


Cardio for the foundation stage of the Fitness Model Workout is quite easy and is broken down intro two parts: training day cardio and off-day cardio. The training day cardio must be done one the same day as the weight training and exists out of 15-30 minutes medium intensity cardio prior to lifting.

On your off-days you need to do a 30 minute medium intensity cardio session.

Cardio Routine Daily Schedule
Day Time Length
Monday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Tuesday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Wednesday Morning 30 mins + Abs
Thursday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Friday Pre-Workout 10-15 mins
Saturday Morning 30 mins + Abs
Sunday Morning 30 mins + Abs


For your ab workouts you have to pick two of the following exercises, perform one exercise before your cardio and do one exercise after cardio. For each set do as many reps as possible before you need rest. Rest for 30-60 seconds between each set.

  • Basic Crunch
  • Reverse Crunches
  • The Bicycle
  • Yoga Ball Crunch

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