Program Overview

Male Model Workout Stages

Welcome to the ‘Program overview’ page! This page features a breakdown of the Male Model Workout stages their goals and durations. If you’ve been working out frequently for over at least a month and find that you have a decent amount of muscle mass you can skip stage one.

The Fitness Model Workout Program is broken down into the following stages:

Stage One: The Foundation Stage

Goal: In this stage you are going to build a solid amount of strength and muscle.

Duration: One Month


Stage Two: The Gains Stage

Goal: In this stage you are going to build as much muscle mass as possible.

Duration: Two Months


Stage Three: The Shred Stage

Goal: In this stage you are going to get shredded by burning of all excess body fat.

Duration: Two Months


Stage Four: The Maintenance Stage

Goal: This stage is designed to maintain your gains but at the same time not make any more progress (unless you want to).

Duration: ∞

Why Four Stages?

A regular fitness routine doesn’t have enough impact on your physique. Yes, it will help you gain some muscle, but it won’t build you a fitness model physique. What happens is that with time you’ll get less and less results. The four stages of the M.M.B. Fitness Model Program solve this problem by adjusting the workout routine as your body grows and changes.

Four stages also allow your body to build great amounts of muscle while at the same time keeping your body fat levels as low as possible, since lean muscle is key for a fitness model. By using four stages you can maximize mass during one period and then maximize fat loss in another, creating the ultimate carved physique.

Now click the big red button below if you want to start with ‘Stage One’. You can also navigate trough the stages and their guides by using the top menu. Good luck!

Male Model Workout Stages