The Male Model Workout

Welcome to MaleModelBody.com, the ultimate workout/fitness site for active and aspiring male models. This site features a specialized program called the ‘Male Fitness Model Workout’. This program gives you all the tools to build a ‘model physique’. This site offers workout, diet, and supplementation guides that allow even beginning athletes the opportunity to build a ripped model physique in just 5 months time.

How Does It Work?

The Male Model Workout exists out of four consecutive stages. You can navigate trough the stages and their guides by using the top menu.

If you’re new to bodybuilding we advice you to start at ‘Stage One‘, in this one month stage you’ll build a solid strength foundation. By the time you’ve reached ‘Stage Four‘ you will have a fitness model physique to kill for! Each stage focuses on specific workouts, diets, and supplements that help you maximize your progress. The four stages of the Male Fitness Model Workout adjust your workout/fitness routine as your body grows and changes.

You can find out more about the four stages on the ‘Program Overview‘ page.

Why Does It Work?

The Male Model Workout program takes advantage of cutting edge research, and expert opinions on: fitness, diets, and supplementation. Our workout program therefore delivers the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. The program features specialized workout routines and proper nutrition guidelines that lead to extremely high levels of muscle hypertrophy and overall growth, while at the same time burning extra body fat!

Checkout the ‘Results Page’ If you are curious what kind of results you can expect from the Male Model Workout Program. Hundreds of dedicated users are sharing their results using #MaleModelBody on Instagram!


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Are you ready to start your journey? We wish you a lot of luck with the program. Click The Button Below to continue to the Program Overview‘.

Male Model Workout